Song For Jenny Marx, yes, it’s right here, right now! (Luddite Hits Correct Button)

Jenny Marx, neé von Westphalen


History has not paid due respect to Jenny Marx. Not remotely. Forty years of marriage to Karl? Seven children, only three surviving to adulthood? Exile? Poverty? Squalor? The English?

Mrs Marx’s courage, loyalty, and forbearance needs must be celebrated.

To which end, Ned has composed a musical tribute:  “Song For Jenny Marx.”

As recorded by funky socialist combo The Holy Flying Saucer, featuring Ned Ludd, “Song For Jenny Marx” has been elevated into The Cloud Of The Sound for your listening pleasure and, if necessary, historical edification.

Simply click your small marsupial here:

And sing along with Ned!

Song For Jenny Marx

Jenny Jenny, Jenny Marx, Hubby was a Thinker Jenny Jenny, Jenny Marx, a Thinker and a Drinker

Jenny did the housework, Friedrich paid the bills, Karl was busy writing there be trouble up ‘t mill

Jenny raised the children, Friedrich he did well, Karl attended meetings of The International

Jenny Jenny, Jenny Marx..

Jenny pawned the candlesticks, Friedrich played around, Karl he scribbled “Capital” to bring the bourgeois down

Jenny never faltered, Friedrich belled the cat, Karl foresaw the rising of the proletariat

Jenny Jenny, Jenny Marx..

Jenny died of cancer, Friedrich died alone, Karl he died before the revolution came to town

Jenny von Westphalen knew poverty and strife, She was the very model of a drinking thinker’s wife

Jenny Jenny, Jenny Marx..

That’s all for now.


Remember: Cause trouble. And teach your children well.

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