To Be Offended Is To Be Terribly, Terribly Bourgeois


How bourgeois is being ‘offended’? Being ‘offended’, feeling ‘uncomfortable’, deeming behaviour ‘inappropriate’, is so unutterably FEEBLE! So insufferably WET!

One would have to be mummified within numerous cloakings of pretence to be ‘offended’ by moral slight or slur. With authentic emotion – should such  exist – interred inside impenetrable layers of preciosity.

Then again, being offended is all performance, isn’t it ? The offended are far less interested in remedying offending behaviour than in performing their emotion. Garnering attention. Signalling morality. Being bourgeois.

It’s all so Margaret Dumont.

Given its history, its attitude, the human race is in no position to be offended.

The vanity! The vanity!

That’s all for now.


Remember: Cause trouble. And teach your children well.

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