Do Good Koalas Go To Heaven?



Well? Do good koalas go to heaven? If not, why not?

Is the option of paradise for eternity only available to self-conscious materially-acquisitive bipeds who exercise dominion over the earth, revel in anthropocentric self-worship, and fawn over The Creator – whoever he/she/it may be – for having the sheer cleverness to come up with humankind?

Bloody humans. What wankers!

Koalas never hurt anyone – apart from pissing on people – who can blame them? – and they take good care of their little patch of the earth. What have koalas done to warrant, upon decease, consignment to bog-oblivion and banal return of their component matter to the general molecular mass of the universe?  That koalas are not offered the opportunity to frolic forever in heaven as reward for a good life seems grossly unfair.

Especially if they become extinct.

What can God have been thinking?

Ned is reminded of Queensland. A rethink is needed.

That’s all for now.


Remember: Cause trouble. And teach your children well.


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